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Discussion in 'Technical & Support' started by Dav111, Oct 22, 2018.

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    Oct 22, 2018
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    I have a big problem. I have an old SideWinder wheel, and if I want to use it, the game looks like it is not in real time. I had issues before, but now I reinstalled the game (too much freez and Connection Lost errors) and now I have this problem. What do I need to change in settings to get the right FFB rate?
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    Settings for older wheels in your controller.json file....

    "You can edit the values in the ~rf2/Userdata/player/ Controller.JSON file. If you do, you need to save your wheel setup in rf2 when you restart rf2 or the setting will be lost the next time you make a change to the wheel setup.

    You can edit the values in the ~rf2/Userdata/Controller/ “YourWheel”.JSON file. If you do , you need to reload YourWheel setup when you restart rf2 for the changes to be effective.

    If FBB update is too fast for your driving
    "Skip updates":0,
    "Skip updates#":"Apparently some drivers can't handle a quick FFB update rate, so use this hack to skip the given number of updates (0=full update rate, 1=half, 2=one-third, 3=one-quarter, etc.)",

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    i have a problem with my home made wheel.
    In the past when i changed this line in the controller (Skip updates":0,) to 3 the other car moves normally around me but now (i just buy rf2 another time on steam recently) it's not working.

    do you have an idea?

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