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    The best coffee grinders for avid coffee lovers

    It is for certain that any coffee lovers can tell you straight away that grabbing just any random top rated coffee grinders out there will not guarantee you a good grind, and a good cup of coffee as a result.

    Instead, it is highly important that you need to know the right coffee grinders so that your money will not end up being wasted on an expensive machine that produces only mediocre coffee quality.And here are some great suggestions to start with to totally transform your home kitchen and impress your friends.

    Baratza Encore Conical Coffee Grinder

    There is something to be amazed when the brand name Baratza is mentioned in a coffee grinder context.And this is because Baratza is a prestigious brand specializing only in manufacturing the best electric coffee grinder models.It should not be mistaken that the brand makes household appliances and specializes in grinders, or the brand is involved in any other aspects of the coffee industry at all. Instead, coffee grinders are the only product of the Baratza brand.

    You can already tell right away that with this specialization, the best rated coffee grinders are going to be exclusively from this brand.And even if this Encore Conical is still much more a beginner's option among their catalog, it easily beats any other grinders of its. Of course this is not the best budget coffee grinder out there, but you have to also consider that no other grinders of its price range and below can yield a good grind as consistently as this one can.


    The only downside to this coffee grinder is that it lacks a timer.This fact is a bit frustrating because other options of its price range do offer this feature.And so, it comes down to the question of which you would prefer: convenience or guaranteed But with many people enjoying coffee more for its quality than being able to make it quickly, the Baratza Encore coffee grinder here is guaranteed to sit on a lot of kitchen countertops more than grinders with a timer.

    Oxo Brew Conical Burr Grinder

    Perhaps you have heard about Oxo.After all, it is only one of the most well-known brands in any kitchen.And the famous brand of kitchen appliances behind the breakthrough garlic slicers is now back with another breakthrough.And that is the new Brew line of coffee grinders.Keeping the core principles of being intuitive yet effective in design, the new Brew line coffee grinders are the best possible choice for a low budget best coffee bean grinder option.

    It is truly a miracle that you could get all what you could ever wish for in a coffee grinder packed in this single grinder: adjustable different grind settings, steel burrs, timer, etc. You name it. And yet all of these are sold at Still cannot believe it? Then it is even more a miracle to be reminded that this best home coffee grinder is one of the first Oxo's attempts to penetrate the coffee grinder market. Truly amazing .

    While it is hard to truly know what is the best coffee grinder, it is now certainly easy to know what is the best affordable coffee grinder out there.The ground coffee that this one could produce is certainly no where near the quality level of a Baratza grinder, but it is still consistently impressive when compared to other low budget options.The only downside to this coffee grinder is that because of the plastic exterior, it tends to cause a lot of noises from its vibration.

    Baratza Virtuoso+ Digital Coffee Grinder

    There is a good reason why Baratza coffee grinders stole 2 spots on this list, including the topmost spot, and it has already been explained in the Encore above.With that said, Baratza products do cover a wide range of users From the most novice to The while masterful unlike other manufacturing brands of premium grinders.And while the Encore is more a beginner's option for a novice, the Virtuoso+ here is the best conical burr grinder for hardcore coffee makers.

    If you find it hard to understand why this grinder costs almost double the price of its sibling on this list while they look practically the same, then you should know that unlike its sibling this grinder contains more metal in its design.The base of this grinder is made all from heavy metal, and its inner parts also replaced plastic with as much metal as they could. Of course this is not done purely just to squeeze more money out of your pocket.

    The reason why this grinder has more metal parts is because metal prevents strong vibration, which is the main cause of loud noises and risks of decalibration in other plastic-based grinders.Other than that, this coffee grinder also has a timer and sharper blades when compared to its sibling, making it able to grind coffee to an even finer level.If you have the money to afford this one, it will guarantee to be the best burr coffee grinder that you will have ever touched.

    Breville Smart Grinder Pro

    Espresso lovers will probably have heard about the Breville brand.After all, they are the maker behind some of the best home machines to make your own home espresso with.And that naturally includes a coffee grinder specifically for making the best espresso at home like this Breville Smart Grinder Pro.What you should expect with this grinder is that you are going to witness a product that observes the strictest of details packed in nicely commercial aesthetics.


    Indeed, if details are the competition then this grinder tops like a king.There are over 60 grind settings programmed into this machine, and you can imagine the level of preciseness of an espresso shot that you are going to get with this grinder.And as a machine designed specifically to make a perfect espresso shot, it has a nice hook feature for you to rest a portafilter from an espresso machine onto it while the portafilter waits for its fill of ground coffee.

    As nice as this coffee grinder sounds, a clear downside is that beginners might find this machine too confusing to operate, and that is totally understandable.The complexity involved in running this machine clearly means this grinder is not a good coffee grinder for beginners. But for those who can afford both the budget and the expertise to operate this machine properly, then it is guaranteed to be your best espresso grinder for a lifetime.


    From the best coffee grinder reviews above, we hope that you have had more understanding of what are the best brands on the market when it comes to coffee grinders, and what are the best coffee grinder for home options for you to consider and make the best choice.

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