Skins Bugs since.....ages ago

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    Can someone fix Skin bugs????

    Im trying to come back to rfactor2 after a lot of bugs with my rift (3 years to fix)......
    With last build finally I can use it and Im trying to bring my team to rfactor2 again. But.....
    Skins.... always the same. They do not work since S397 bought rf2
    In some mods they work as before (ISI versions).
    In some mods you can not use driver name with spaces and others you cant.
    Some mods only worked if you have your dds on the folder with a S397 car name (a stupid name by the way. Was not like that before)
    It depends on the mods and rf2 mood....
    Back to ISI time I can create everything by hand......

    Now I test it again with only DDS from the game and I can not create a Team car.
    I have this error you can see on attached pictures

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