Simracing saves lives!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by memoNo1, Jul 28, 2020.

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    I have read article or saw some video about weird US relationships with roundabouts... don't remember the details, but I know there aren't many in whole country. Which is strange, it is good way to deal with a traffic. Also it is nice kind of "chicane" to entertain yourself and try to survive. Also you can fly over it.
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    Simracing saving lives? I don't know. Only some personal observations:

    Last year in winter, i drove into a roundabout with a lot to much speed. I have a FWD drive car, VW Passat. The correct behavior would have been to get on throttle so my FWD wheels push me out. I did the opposite, always on brakes when i noticed i am too fast. Although driving the Clio and Honda Civic FWD cars in rF2 told me how to react. But that was already 2 years ago driving them in rF2. Why i drove too fast into the roundabout? Cause of simracing and talking to my racing interested friends. Trying what is possible, this time too much.

    Another time. Trying what is possible with my shitty VW Passat. In a corner the back came and my car was like 90° to the road. Everything happened withing milliseconds. Luckily i did the right thing to get my car straight, but cant remember what i really did. This was all instincts and too fast. Why i was too fast? Cause of simracing and trying what is possible.

    Last storry. Driving at Nordschleife with my shitty VW Passat. Using best equipment in rF2 and VR, drove Nords in rF2 for 500-1000 times. Then drove Nords in real for the first time. Totally strange feeling when driving, cause i knew everything about the track .. every corner .. no surprises, although i was never there in real life. Turned out i knew everything about the track but nothing about my car. Luckily nothing bad happened. But i drove it way to fast. Why? Cause of simracing and cause of "knowing" the track that well but not my car.
    (But in comparision, a friend of mine ,for the first time at real Nords too and never drove Nords in sim, almost crashed at Adenauer Forst cause he had zero clue about the track. A simracing friend who was his co-driver told: He will never drive with him again. He knows nothing, neither the track, nor his car - but acting like a champ -> simply stupid)
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    I remember the song by YES called Roundabout. I don't think they mentioned going in circles in cars til you.... well.... you.....

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