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    SimRacing Alliance
    What is the SimRacing Alliance: SRA is a group of individual leagues that have formed an Alliance to keep the sim Racing community
    going strong.

    WHY the SimRacing Alliance: Well the true facts are the sim Racing community is slowly shrinking in numbers and with so many
    games available the community is also Splintering itself.

    Our proposal is we bring a number of individual leagues together and form alliances this way we can share Drivers, Management, and
    maybe even Infrastructure cost’s.

    Rather than have many leagues each running there individual series each member of the alliance would pick 1 or 2 separate games
    and focus on them only so if you are into any 1 game you know were to go for the best experience.
    As it is now every league has to rent there own server space and this cost’s money and in most cases there servers have way to much
    un-used time that could be put to work.

    Given enough members there would be less physical servers needed and the ones needed would have there time used far more efficiently.

    YES this whole plan requires some people to give up there individual power and be willing to share and compromise with others
    something this community is well not so good at.

    Things would be run by a Board and votes would be used to achieve the alliances goals.
    In the end the whole purpose of the SimRacing Alliance would be to keep the Racing community viable and this in turn shows game developers that there still is a reason to develop products.

    The option is to stay the same and developers see smaller numbers in races and start to feel there work is not so much in demand and that is BAD NEWS for everyone in Sim Racing.

    PLEASE give this some thought and get back to us with your thoughts.

    If you are a League Admin. And would like more details this can be arranged contact us as well.

    ( Provided E-Mail address. )
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    I am an admin over at interested in this :)
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