Sim Racers 4 Life - Porsche 917 League - Round 5 - Rouen Les Esarts

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    Sim Racers 4 Life welcomes you to our 2017 autumn season.
    In this league we will race the Porsche 917. This car is fast, powerfull and demanding. Only the bravest will dare to get inside this car and get on the track.
    This fifth round will take place at Rouen Les Essarts. This classic track is so complete only the best drivers will be able to take the best of the car lap after lap.

    SR4L wishes you good luck for the season.

    Race day Information

    2 x 16 laps Race 2 Reverse Grid (Top 10 finishers)

    November 19th 2017

    17:25 GMT (17:25 BST - 18:25 CET - 12:25 EST)
    120 minute practice
    19:25 GMT (19:25 BST - 20:25 CET - 14:25 EST)
    30 minute qualifying
    20:00 GMT (20:00 BST - 21:00 CET - 15:00 EST)
    --7 minute warmup--
    race 1 - 16 laps
    --7 minute warmup--
    race 2 - 16 laps

    1 mandatory pitstop must be done every race with all four tires changed.

    Track, car and mod will be automatically downloaded the first time you get in the server (in case you don't have them installed).

    Server Settings

    Server name: !SR4L Classic league
    Fuel usage: Normal
    Tyre wear: Normal
    Damage: 50%
    Auto Clutch on

    To get race day password visit

    Weather forecast at Rouen Les Esarts for November 19th at race time (will be periodically updated until race day)

    -Skies: cloudy
    -Humidity: 80%
    -Temperature: 8ÂșC
    -Wind: 10km/h from South-West

    Autumn Modern and Classic League post including rules and Calendar
    Please read our "Sim Racing Etiquette" post
    Please read our "Members Expectations" post

    Don't hesitate in joining Sim Racers 4 Life

    Please check this post periodically for posible changes.

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