Sim Racers 4 Life - Le Mans 2 Hours - Endurance Event

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    Sim Racers 4 Life welcomes you to our Le Mans 2h endurance race.
    The group C Cars will race in the 1991-1996 version of Le Mans.
    Race will have time acceleration so during the 2 hours of the race a day-night-day transtition should occur (Be ready to have a button assigned for the headlights)

    Race day Information

    2 hours

    Jun 16th 2019

    17:25 BST (18:25 CEST - 12:25 EDT)
    90 minute practice
    18:55 BST (19:55 CEST - 13:55 EDT)
    60 minute qualifying
    20:00 BST (21:00 CEST - 15:00 EDT)
    --5 minute warmup--
    Race - 2 hours (*)
    (*) Race will have a 150 seconds timer so people who may get kicked from the server could return just in time.

    Download links:
    Group C cars->
    Le Mans 1991-1996 ->

    Server Settings

    Server name: !SR4L Server 1
    Fuel usage: Normal
    Tyre wear: Normal
    Damage: 60%
    Auto Clutch on

    Weather forecast:

    Skies: light clouds
    Temperature: Variable from day (warmer) to night (cooler)
    Winds: 5km/h from North
    Humidity: Variable from day (lower) to night (higher)


    Please read our "Sim Racing Etiquette" post
    Please read our "Members Expectations" post

    Don't hesitate in joining Sim Racers 4 Life

    Please check this post periodically for possible changes.

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