Sim Racers 4 Life Fun Event - Nissan GTR @ Donnington Tuesday 17th July 8pm (BST)

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    Something a little more modern than usual for us but again for no other reason than the fun of racing all are welcome to join in a SR4L Fun race in the Nissan GTR's at Donnington on Tuesday 17th July 2018

    Race day Information

    Tuesday 17th July 2018

    1800 (BST) - Practice

    1945 (BST) - Qualifying (single lap*)

    1955 (BST) - Warmup

    2000 (BST) - Race Start

    Fuel Multiplier = X5

    Tyres Multiplier = X6

    Race duration - 40 mins

    Aids - Auto clutch Allowed

    (*) Drivers will have 3 laps available for qualifying (out-lap + timed lap + in-lap) There will be only a single timed lap attempt for everyone in a 10 minute session. Once you go out on track you must go for your lap, exiting to check something at the garage will result in not being able to do a timed lap. You can "escape" on the in lap if you wish.

    Track - Donnington - here

    Mod - Nissan GTR - here

    Server Name = !SR4L Server 4

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