Sim Racers 4 Life - Fun Event - Mclaren MP4/13 at Botniaring

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    Welcome to Sim Racers 4 Life Fun Events.

    Sim Racers 4 Life welcomes you to another of our typical Fun Events.
    This time we race the1998 Mclaren MP4/13 at Botniaring Long.

    SR4L wishes you good luck for this fun event.

    Please Read The News Before Entering This Event

    Race day Information

    2x23 Laps

    Jan 13th 2019

    17:25 GMT (18:25 CET - 12:25 EDT)
    120 minute practice
    19:25 GMT (20:25 CET - 14:25 EDT)
    30 minute qualifying
    20:00 GMT (21:00 CET - 15:00 EDT)
    --7 minute warmup--
    Race 1 - 23 laps
    --7 minute warmup--
    Race 2 - 23 laps

    Being a Fun Event, NO mandatory pitstop is required during the race.

    Download links:
    Mclaren MP4/13:

    Server Settings

    Server name: !SR4L Server 2
    Fuel usage: Normal
    Tyre wear: Normal
    Damage: 0% (Fun event setting)
    Auto Clutch on

    Please read our "Sim Racing Etiquette" post
    Please read our "Members Expectations" post

    Don't hesitate in joining Sim Racers 4 Life

    Please check this post periodically for posible changes.

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    Thanks for letting me drop on in on this earlier

    I should have noticed this previously
    car feels really great

    Hope you all had a good race

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