Sim crash on Blackwood 2nd revision

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    I don´t know if anyone else is having this issue but haven´t seen anything about it on the forums.

    I load the track and let the cars train without any issue. I´m able to watch them run on the track without problem. Only when I enter in the car, after a couple of seconds, the whole sim crashes and I´m out to desktop.
    I tried uninstalling the track and deleting all /userdata/player/settings folders related to it. Also deleting the cbash and shaders content. Restart Steam and reinstall it to no avail.
    The odd thing is that within the 2-3 sec before the crash I´m able to look around the cockpit with the VR properly. Any thoughts or ideas?

    Edit: Sorry I didn´t mention my computer specifications.
    Intel 8700
    GTX 2070
    32gb Ram
    Windows 10
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