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Discussion in 'Modding' started by robert_rcade, Apr 1, 2015.

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    TLDR of what is this about: We want skilled modders to create stock cars for us for money.

    We recently opened a sim racing venue in Prague, Czech Republic with 9 motion simulators from SimXperience and full Fanatec ClubSport gear. We currently run rFactor 2 and as much as we love racing cars, we think we should be able to offer an alternative in a form of stock cars. However ISI does not really provide much in terms of stock cars so here is where YOU, a skilled modder come in play.

    We are willing to pay 100-200 USD (we have no idea how long it takes to create a car or how complicated it can get so this is just an initial price approximation) per car depending on the quality of the vehicle or time spent creating the vehicle.

    The relationship between us (a company operating a sim racing centre) and you will be set via a contract. The contract will be created by our lawyer according to international laws and will include a part where it clearly states that the mods that you create for us are in our exclusive ownership and we may use them as we see fit. The initial plan is to use the car in our venue. This means that we will be making money from it which in turn means that your creation should be exactly that, your creation. Unauthorized copies from other games are not something that we are interested in. Do not get discouraged by this part as it only assures a professional relationship. It will by no means be limiting you in any imaginable way.

    We expect you to further support your creation by providing a basic level of customer support to us should there ever be a need for it. This means that whenever we call you up about some issue for example – the car is crashing rFactor constantly, you MUST see to it that the issue is resolved. We want a professional relationship between us and if you for whichever reason decide to not stand by your word and disappoint us in a non-rational way, we will simply seek someone else for the job.

    We run rFactor 2 with certain mods and we will require you to fully stress test your design in the exact same conditions as we run our game. If it creates problems within the mods that we required to be compatible with, you have to fix it free of charge. If however we change some mods or a new release of the game comes out and the car is glitchy we will pay you for additional fixes and tweaks according to our agreement.

    As our company grows, our need for mods will grow. The quality of the relationship we set from the beginning will greatly influence the future of your mod making for us. The better it goes at first the more requests you will get from us (we will probably need more mods, not only cars). We wont be choosing more then ONE individual for this particular job as this is important but still a minor thing in a business so we don’t really want to spend a whole bunch of time talking to ten different mod creators.
    Your design should be matching the method ISI uses. That includes a .PSD file of the mesh. We do not want you to create textures, just create the mesh of the textures - we will create our own surfaces.

    Whoever is interested, please reply with some links referring to your work, you can do that via email too if you wish.

    Please feel free to ask further questions in this thread or via email:

    If you wonder what we look like visit our facebook page @

    Thank you and have great laptimes!
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    Creating a car from scratch, which is basically what you're asking, is a job that I would estimate takes weeks if not months. You need to create both a 3D model, complete with texture map, and realistic physics. I seriously doubt you will find anybody who wants to invest that amount of time professionally for 100-200 USD.
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    And exclusive rights, to boot!
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    Haha - that's hilarious. :D What you're asking I would estimate to be in the region of 250 hours(?) of work per car. If you want exclusive rights to use it aswell, a more realistic price to get something like that done professionally would be several thousand USD.
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    At least the brief is clear. I'd be surprised if the offer were taken up but it's a free world.
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    LOL! I hope they at least purchased commercial licenses for rF2...

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