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    The WEC used the last straight for their pit lane. I had never seen this before. I totally messed up my DVR recording so I didn't see any of the first 4 hours so the first time a car entered the pits they had an entry similar to Le Mans with two or three sharp bends. This confused the heck out of me til I later saw the back straight pits(which didn't exist last year) all lit up. Essentially the new pits were behind the regular pits which were prepared for the Imsa Teams use the next day. I wonder if there would be interest in another DLC of, oh, say 5 US dollars that would include this new pit lane.
    But when I did finally get to view the WEC race, a Porsche was chasing an Aston in nighttime conditions. The Porche's in car camera clearly showed the Aston right in front and while you could see the tail lights illuminated, there was absolutely zero brake light brightness. The brake lights may have been in use but the bright front lights on the Porsche must have completely washed out any extra lighting when the brakes were activated. I thought that odd since one of the complaints about the S397 GT3 cars was that some had very poor brake light visibility. Well, at least for the Aston and it's rather thin rear light design,(much like the Mclaren 650S) the following Porsche never saw the Aston braking(at least the TV camera did not pick it up) So maybe a 'good job' S397 is in order.
    I'm just starting to watch the Imsa race and rain is totally messing up the start. The race started under yellow and the giant Jet Powered air blower was left on track to push as much standing water off the circuit. Instead of allowing space for the cars to pass on the back side of the blower, for several laps the cars had to pass right thru the thrust of a jet engine blowing directly across their path. NUTS!
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