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    Ok, This is one of my pet peeves with rF2. Trying to find an adjustment in this game is nigh but impossible to achieve if you dont where to look.

    I am trying to adjust the Safety Car (Full Course Yellow) so that we dont get any FCY in a race. In a race last season we had a FCY in the preseason and it goofed up a fair number of our drivers. In response I chose to remove flags altogether. This was fine while we had sprint races and did not require pit stops.

    In our current series (VRC EGT Series) we will require a pit stop. I would like to re-enable the flags so we can have speed limits in the pits again. But I dont want the FCY coming out ever again. How do I adjust this in the Server so I can get pit speed limits but Not FCY's?

    God I hope S397 is working on a GUI which has easy to locate and adjust settings such as this. Worst part of rF2 by far.
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    They have these settings for .rfm files, you can try to change these settings around and see if they help your problem. These are the default settings from the stock car .rfm

    // Safety car threshold multipliers, in other words an adjustment for the sensitivity of the game to calling
    // full-course cautions. These can be different for road vs. oval courses. Lower numbers result in more
    // full-course cautions; default=1.0, possible values are 0.01 (very sensitive) and up. Values more than
    // 5.0 will probably result in no full-course cautions being called by the game (note that there are now
    // multiplayer admin commands to call cautions).

    // Whether full-course cautions may be called for a spin more than 90 degrees where the driver keeps going.
    // These can be different for road vs. oval courses. Higher values will result in more full-course cautions
    // due to these temporary spins; default=0.0, possible values are 0.0-2.0.
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    Just use black only in the flag rules

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