Safety Car is broken

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Alejandro López Arjona, May 18, 2020.

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    I guess this bug is known since 8 years ago, but still isn't fixed.

    Safety Car is just broken, it tells you to let pass someone who is almost a lap behind you or to overtake the safety car in a non sense way, give non sense penalties, doing a pit stop and telling you to catch someone who is in the top positions instead of the one who is in front of you, etc.. etc...

    With this problem, Oval racing is just broken, it's impossible to do league racing with this. And also, we are missing an important feature for road racing because Safety Car is key in real life racing.

    Any plans to fix this bug? I only see news about new UI and DLC since 4 years ago, but will this 8 years old bug be fixed at some point please?

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    You have answered your own question. It 'may' at some point be addressed, but ONLINE endurance racing apparently is future of S397. 8 years? It may never be fixed unless S397 hires the original AI coder from ISI.
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    Are you using the updated stockcar rules plugin by Matt Sentell? This fixed almost all of the yellow flag/sorting issues. We get the very rare if someone pit just at the wrong time the yellow comes out but usually it can be sorted with admin commands. This works best with Machine's League Tracks in the workshop that updated the 3PA stockcar tracks with revised AIW and timing for the pace car deployment.

    It's a shame this resource has not been included back into the RF2 installation after almost 2 years. Because of this, keep in mind if you update your dedicated server or installation this plugin gets overwritten and you'll need to update the plugin again.

    Download the plugin and how to install here:
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