S397 Nurburgring FPS tip on NVidia GPU - check your vsync (if you use it)

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    Hi All,

    Just thought I'd post this as a reminder or suggestion for others running NVidia GPU's - I use a 10 series (6 GB GTX 1060 Ti) - when playing on the S397 Nurburgring track (which is great in my opinion).

    My suggestion is to check and make sure that vsync is disabled in rFactor 2 and any setting is applied through the NVidia driver control panel.
    I was struggling to get acceptable FPS on this track for a while and it seems like the most demanding in terms of GPU utilisation, so it's a good track to use as a benchmark.
    Forcing vsync on through the Nvidia control panel has made a very big difference to my FPS. On this game I personally use Nvidia's "Fast" vsync setting, which I prefer for racing sim's.
    I appreciate some people don't like to use vsync, in which case please ignore my suggestion - it's a personal preference on my part.

    I have been going through checking and resetting my game and GPU driver settings for rFactor 2 after getting this track and this one setting has been a bit of a "holy sh1t" moment - where the difference is very clearly night and day. So much so, that I'll be bumping a couple of other in game graphics settings back to ultra from high.

    I have also tested in game performance of anti-aliasing and anisotropic filtering and I find on my system, I get the best FPS when setting those within the game. It is worth checking what the NVidia control panel is set to for the rFactor executable, to confirm that the driver settings are not overriding or enhancing them too.

    ...happy driving.
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