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Discussion in 'Modding' started by SmashingPants67, Dec 24, 2019.

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    Since I'm really bad at coding, I want someone to add rFactor 2 GMT conversion to this tool: (is open source, the link below is the source code uploaded by the author and actually supports rFactor and GTR2 as input, Reiza's GSC13, GSCE and AMS as outputs)
    You can add a dropdown like "Choose destination sim", with two options, to change without removing its original content:
    OPTION 1: "Reiza - GSC13, GSCE and AMS"
    OPTION 2: "S397 - rFactor 2" (if needed you can use one of the SkipBarber or Joesville GMT's as examples (Joesville for tracks, SkipBarber for cars)
    For AMS players this is the free alternative to 3dSimEd for batch converting, but we from other sims than Reiza ones have no alternative than pay 30GBP (this price is very expensive in Brazil, add with also expensive credit card taxes and bureaucracies) for 3dSimEd. I CAN'T BUY SIMED BECAUSE OF THAT TAXES AND BUREAUCRACIES!
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    That would be quite a task. You might find it cheaper to buy 3dSimEd and then you have it for any modding needs; someone spending the hours and hours to create rF2 output will either do it for their own needs (which I guess hasn't happened yet) or would ask more than that to do the job - and wouldn't update shaders etc like Dave will with 3dSimEd.

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