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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ZeosPantera, Oct 11, 2010.

  1. ZeosPantera

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    Oct 5, 2010
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    Other then a physics engine for each itteration I don't see why the community couldn't be the ones to handle these bits too. I mean the collective "WE" have done a pretty good job filling rF1 with cars and tracks. Roads I believe the creator said could be automated but it would just be a rough-in and an artist (or just very patient person) would need to fly along it making corrections as they went. The Flight sim modding community is huge as well. The "getting it all working together" part requires some innovation. If planetside2 can have 3000 players in a server with very few latency issues then I think you could get area boundaries that cover similar numbers in OT should everyone want to go to one spot and do something.
  2. Johannes Rojola

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    There sort of is such game already, Chernarus Life RPG mod for ArmA2. But driving physics in that aren't really worth mentioning :D

    It is the first step.

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    Ah, had not heard of that one. Yeah, driving physics are poor in arma, even battlefield is better in that area and in that those are not much worth mentioning either.
  4. Jon Hoskins

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    This is an important concept! The sim racing community, flight sim, RPG (Chernarus Life, etc. crowd), and the mil-sim crowd are ALL very ambitious, capable communities!

    Imagine an infra-structure that let all of them sort of cross over into each other's worlds; a sort of real-time spectating "window" from one game to another... The flight sim guys could fly over the Nordschleife and see the VLN taking place below. The sim-race guys might have live spectators (and airplanes flying over head). In another part of the "world" military conflict might be taking place. For the RPG guys... well, the whole world would be a virtual play ground. Each would add more realism to the others. Off road 4x4 in the wilderness, rally around isolated villages, etc.

    It's true, ARMA was never intended to be a driving sim... it was never intended to be an RPG or possibly one of the most popular zombie PVP games either (I speak of DayZ, with over one million registered players and servers with 50+ players), but it IS quite good at handling relatively large maps and the whole spectrum of transportation, from foot to aircraft and everything in between, and like rfactor, quite moddable. Maybe an Outterra based infrastructure could import assets from all kinds of different sims; race tracks, villages and cities (and battlefields), etc. and with some fine tuning take advantage of the best each community has to offer?
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    I have always waited for the time in the future when we can have only one game, and in that game have everything we want, seems like Outerra is the beginning of that dream to come true :)

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