rFactor2 Suspension Model Exporter Addon for Blender

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    rFactor 2 Suspension Model Exporter is an addon for Blender to export the suspension definition of a vehicle into a PM suspension model file to be used in rFactor2.

    For more details and download, please see the project on Github.

    I'd like to add that I created this addon for Blender to improve my own workflow, as I needed something to quickly modify or adjust the suspension geometry of a vehicle. So this might not suit everyone. However, I hope that some may find it helpful and also help to improve. Furthermore, I'd like to add an import to the addon later on, to make the whole thing even more usable.

    PS: Even though it's not mentioned on Github, the PM file is almost the same for all gmotor games so this addon can create working PM files for other games too!
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    great work
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