rFactor2 Build 300 released!

Discussion in 'rFactor 2 General Discussion' started by Spacekid, Sep 6, 2013.

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    Edit: Build 300 wurde released, da is in Build 298 ein paar Probleme mit einigen Mods gab.

    Mit dieser Version werden neue Physikfeatures eingefügt (Constraint System). Dazu soll diese Version eine bessere Performance aufweisen. Eine neue Demoversion gibt es auch, ebenfalls einen neuen rFlite Installer.

    Happy racing!

    Update 17 (Build 300) Changelog (September 4, 2013):

    Added “FuelLevelDigit*” to cockpitinfo.ini.
    Changed when the low fuel warning comes on.
    Work-in-progress on restoring vehicle state upon race rejoins (server optional).
    Added new constraint system that supports chassis flex and more. Not 100% ready for primetime yet.
    Removed “hand held” functionality from cameras when cycling through cameras in spectator mode.

    Made some improvements to reflection mapping.

    Improved default tracking cam values.
    Implemented a “clear all cheat values” for a specific path because the old way required selecting all waypoints to be cleared first.
    Added option to only show selected camera’s activation zones.

    Fixed bug where uninstalled components were polluting inventory during loading.
    Fixed memory leak.
    Fixed some ttool problems when writing out TGM files.
    Fixed random message box spam during recon lap.
    Removed FlushPreviousFrame option from plr file to eliminate confusion, this param was moved to config.ini a year ago.
    Added fail-safe to make sure pit exit eventually turns green in race.
    Prevent pit exit from getting stuck at red during an early safety car.
    Fixed client confusion when restarting weekend after another client has left a race.
    Fixed a bug with incorrect use of bloom in showroom.
    Fixed a problem with track bar geometry introduced a while back (doesn’t affect any current ISI content).

    Probable fix for multiplayer AI cars parking in wrong pit spots and blocking garages.
    Fixed AI chatting in response to contact (apology or anger depending on perceived fault).

    Now uses a single port for simulation data. +port is the command line option. Simulation port in multiplayer.ini.
    Can now run server and client on the same machine.
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