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    As such there is nothing to stop us as from developing shader ourselves, provided they leave the platform open and remove some the rF1 limitations. A lot is possible right now with shaders in rF1, if you got the time to work on it, but agreed that the more inbuild shaders the better.

    There are a lot of carpaint shaders are out there, well documented, it would be a question of us making them work and port them to rF2. In that light, what could be a way forward for ISI is to support one of the third party packages formats like rendermonkey, or FX composer ( a command line parser util would do) , so that shaders can be more easily plugged into rF2. Right now of course while rF shader syntax is HLSL mostly, it is not that simple to port shaders form these other packages and make them work in rF1, unless you know that stuff. I never see shader stuff as plug and play, it is not that easy, but for sure it could be made easier I hope for rF2.
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