RF2 over LAN?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by pitkin, Nov 3, 2011.

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    Fair point Pitkin, I appreciate people want to speak there minds and they all have strong opinions, there's just too much negativity on ISI's forums considering they make fantastic products, thats all ;)
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    Ok Pitkin, see this is the issue I have with your debate.

    You are asking ISI to make it so you can buy one game and have it installed on 3 different machines at the same time because that is what you did with rF1.

    My point is that you where not MEANT to do that with rF1. The fact you could, didnt mean you should. I CAN take my car at 100km hour down the road in a 50km hour zone....should I ??

    We ran out LAN and pretty much forced people to own a copy.

    So your arguement has nothing to do with practicality, more on the morality of the situation, of which I think you are on the wrong side of. Please do not take that as a personal attack, it is trying to understand your arguement.

    Seka, I think I understand what you are saying. You believe that rF2 is running the risk of not being supported by the community (modders included) because of the uncertaintity that surrounds it compared to rF1. I think that is what you are trying to say....That of course leans towards if there is uncertaintly and no support for a game that REQUIRES community support where will that leave us in 1 year, 2years etc??

    So the following points are based on the ASSUMPTION that I have the above correct :). If its not...ignore the following ..LOL

    Why do you think rF1 was more "certain" than rF2? I cant follow this part of the arguement...from MEMORY rF1 was released with essentially the attitude, here it is, see what you can do. There was no guarantee it would be supported, there was no real knowledge of what it would become. THere was hopes, the was whispers of what it could become, but noone knew for sure. rF2 has been more open and frontal about it. There is FAR more info about rF2 than rF1. As for guarantees I am looking at it like this, with that $13 per year, per user it has MORE chance of keeping ISI there to support rF2 and release more content than rF1 ever did....

    As for the LAN component of it, I think I have a right to comment about that as 99% of my rFactor time was taken in running local LANs for it. The fact we need a net connection now is just another thing that COULD go wrong, but it is also something that we have already worked around. I have NO ISSUE at all with the system they are incorporating for LAN's for several reasons

    1) WAY easier to distribute content now via the server, mismatch HELL was at LAN's. We would provide downloads, discs and USB keys on the day but people would still screw it up. We had all sorts of problems, now they log on to their account, find the server...boom update over the LAN. We can even add skins on the day QUICKLY now :)...ok have to test it to see but from what I have read I see it being NO ISSUE. In fact I see this mismatch fixing making rF2 FAR FAR more appealing to people than rF1 :)

    2) Everyone MUST now obtain and have a LEGAL version installed on their PC. This saves me TIME and hassles. IF someone had an issue with the game I would endevour to help them. The first question, is this a legal version of rFactor? If not, they where on their own. Now this is one less issue I will have to deal with (until someone figures a way around it of course).

    So to me, I cannot understand the arguements, fears at all.

    I mean if money really isnt the arguement, most will buy initially for the $50 (whatever it is), test for that year and see.

    I think the improvements in the physics and tyre model alone will see this being the best supported sim out there and surpass rF1...only time will tell, but for know, I am trying to understand the issues just in case they become a genuine concern for me, at the moment...I cant see them.
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    >>The only way to change things is to make your opinions heard. If we sit and quietly accept everything, we could then just walk into situations far worse.<<

    Holy Moly! Are we fighting for human rights here or a we debating in terms of a company launching a product?
    They listen quiet well to "our" concerns. Simple reason: They want to produce a product and they try to sell it. Makes a lot of sense to me.

    Some people are mistaken here from my point of view, when they think that there is some sort of civil right ot be able to purchase the best, newest and hottest all the time.

    E.G. Porsche upgraded their 911 and although I had an old one I won't get it for a small upgrade fee anyway. Even a friend of mine won't get one for 20 bucks, just because he can't afford more.

    So what's the point? Report bugs, report wishlists. They already listen perfectly. Leave them alone in terms of pricing and pay what they call or leave them alone.

    There is no need to stand up and fight for your rights, as you don't have rights in that case.

    There will be a multiplayer fee. Pay it for being able to "multiplay" or don't.

    Simple as that.
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    I also think tunngle and those clients is one of many reasons for why ISI would want online control over LAN mode, and I don't blame them. Or LAN mode can quickly become illegal online play for free. This is one game I'd like to see get every sale it can, it's just worth it, unlike 99% of the crap out there (normal games I mean).

    While i sympathise with those who play over LAN with their sons, and things like this, you can't pretend that your sons are not playing separately from you and not pay because they are "family". It's nice to think this way, but it's also not reality that you think your family members have a right to play for free because it's really your interest/hobby and they just play a little bit with their dad for fun.
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    yes you are right i am going to buy 2 copys of rfactor 2 for me and my son i dont see any problem with that..... if the game is that good it is worth every penny...

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