rF2 dedicated server and Avast Firewall issues

Discussion in 'Hosting Help' started by xracer, Sep 22, 2021.

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    I've been doing setup of the dedicated server. To test it i have the server and the game on the same machine. I use the Avast Firewall, and the only way i've gotten the session to show up in the gameserverlist, is to set my network to trusty (private) in Avast. Maybe this is the only way when having the dedicated server and game on same machine and trying to connect through the external IP. But for security reasons i cant use that setup. So i'm wondering if someone knows what major rules i can set in the not trusted network in the Avast firewall to make this work? Or if i dont need to test it like that if its certain to work if a client is one a machine outside the network as long as the ports are forwared correcly? I've used all kinds of rule settings then in not trusted mode, but it wont work. Even shut the Firewall in avast off and still didnt work. So the Private and Public network mode has some important rules which blocks when testing this way. To put all above simpler. I want to test from a machine inside the network using the external IP for correct simulation. But i want it to work using the Public not trusted mode of Avast Firewall switching off the offending rules in that mode

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