Rf2 crashing after pressing drive

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    Hi, i have an issue:
    randomly during a session (could be any session) when i press "drive" to join the track the game just froze, my monitors shut down, i hear usb plug out sound, and then everything comes back with the game closed (sometimes the game still open but i can't rejoin, i just have to restart my pc to make it work again) and, if i'm on discord, i can hear everyone in every moment, even during the black screen, but they can't hear me...
    Just happened now on the vec testing server and luckily i have the log file (i honestly can't see anything wrong in the logs tho)
    Thx for any help, this is pretty frustrating (it happened in qualy before) and i don't have any idea on how to solve this.
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    Deleted CBash and Shaders folders and updated gpu drivers as Lazza suggested on discord,
    also found out that some people fixed the issue by using "Prefer Max performance" in the 3d settings of nvidia panel, i'll try it out and let you know

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