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Discussion in 'Track Modding' started by BeefyPeeg, Aug 5, 2018.

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    I have been driving BetOn's beautiful version of Road America (available in the Workshop), but am having a lot of trouble with the AI. They frequently attack too much of the inner curb of turn 11, the kink, launching them into the adjacent wall. Another area where the AI seem to run out of talent is in the carousel, where they will run wide and spin out in the gravel. I've noticed these issues with various cars. I have also attempted to re-train the AI using the AI calibration feature in the player.json file to no avail. Does anyone else have this issue when racing at this track?
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    We had more success adjusting the Aggression, by default this is around 25% in a lot of mods, by increasing it to 40-50% (depending on the mod), there were less incidents (as reported by @Nibo excellent rFactor2 Log Analyzer ver. 2)

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