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Discussion in 'Wish Lists' started by K Szczech, Dec 1, 2012.

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    Looking at this video from 2:15 I got some idea on how to improve replay quality without increasing file size:

    Note that wheel movements are fluent, while suspension parts seem detached, because limited replay quality doesn't represent all it's movements.

    Now what if we would introduce a flag saying that suspension is not damaged? Game engine would not need information from replay file to know suspension movement, since it could be deduced from wheel movement.
    So you would simply keep suspension attached to wheel as long as there is no damage. You could either use a flag or an event that marks the point in replay when suspension gets detached from wheel. Either way you don't need to increase replay file size to get better quality.

    And perhaps it would even decrease file size, since as long as suspension is not damaged you don't have to store it's movement in replay file at all.

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