Rejoin-Problem (Server-Side)

Discussion in 'Technical & Support' started by Matthias Weber, Apr 23, 2020.

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    Hello rF2 Community,

    we had the problem at several races, that rejoin of disconnected drivers did not work.
    All drivers who rejoined just saw all cars on the server in one big blob standing on the start-finish line.
    The game did not finish to load the cars, and the rejoined drivers could not press race.

    On the server the message "Driver has rejoined the race" appeared and the driver was also visible in the live-overlay.

    We completely reinstalled our rF2 Server, and testet it. Rejoin worked without any problems. But at the next race (and longer Session time) this error appered, again.

    It happened to different drivers with differents setups and everybody rejoined as explained in the rF2 tutorials. And most of the drivers never had problems to rejoin on other series (@VEC, P1-Gaming, RGPL etc.)

    As there is nothing much to activate in the multiplayer.json/player.json i hope someone any ideas for a solution?

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