Recommended FFB settings for Logitech driving force pro

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    Hi everyone!

    First post here. I want to share my recommended settings for those who have a wheel like the DFP, which is slow in responsiveness, stiff or little informative if you decrease the FFB strength. These are the recommended settings for me.

    1) In Logitech profiler:

    Overall effects strength: 110% - This will profit the pure effects in the wheel.
    Spring effects strength: 0% - This effect will apply force to the steering wheel in the opposite direction when the car oversteers, so it makes difficult to get the car straight immediatly. Putting this setting to 0% will disable that force.
    Damper effect strength: 150% - This effect makes the wheel loose when the car lacks grip and it makes easier to control. Very important in rF2 set it to maximum
    Enable centering spring: OFF
    Centering spring strength: 0% - This effect makes your wheel back to the center all times. It distorts the feedback
    Degrees of rotation: Personal preference, I usually leave it on 900. Depends on the car and how much you want to rotate the wheel for turning.
    Allow game to adjust setting: YES

    These effects are subtle or imperceptible in some cars, but on other ones with heavier steering make the difference.
    (I tried this similar settings in AMS2, but for that game its better to have the strength to 50%)

    2) In game config:

    FFB Smoothing: 0% - You will get pure effects with no smoothing. Increasing this setting will lead you to missing details and losing precise feedback.
    Car specific FFB mult: This setting depends on each car. Settings below 50% are more than enough to get feedback details but not getting it too stiff (which is the problem with this wheel, you cant make fast corrections). E.G : For the Lola 1966 T70 mk2 30% its enough to have a good feedback and good response.
    FFB Minimum torque: 0% or 1% no more. Increasing a lot of this setting will give you more noise and stiffness which could lead to misinformation.

    If you find something better, just let me know. This is the best i could reach for this wheel.

    Best regards
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    Hi man, thanks for that tip. I'll try. Please, if you have time to test, I'm trying find best ffb mult to NASCAR mods that are available on Steam Workshop. Clipping a lot with my DFGT Logitech. See ya!

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