Real head motion plug in is miracle? The great equalizer?

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    Let me start by saying, sim racing-wise, I am lower-to-middle class. I race single monitor, mid-range card, G25.

    While I love sim racing, my wife and kids could do without it :). I also have other responsibilities so while sim racing is A priority, it is not THE ONLY priority I have.

    Thus, I don't chase every hardware, plugin, setting, etc. advantage.

    Heck, I even actually use a clutch on historic vehicles. Even online! Crazy, I know. This (being crazy and/or b/c I use a clutch) is why I specialize in 60s F1 cars b/c they are challenging enough for me to compensate, though practice, for the relative disadvantages I have.

    What this all adds up to is that I will likely not win many races so my goal is to be a solid mid-pack racers and have my own battles during the race which is completely fine with me and I end up sweating as much as the race winner, albeit not over my bills ;-)

    So, on to the topic at end. Real head motion.

    Consistent with my desire to spend less time tweaking, etc. and "just run it", etc. I have been trying to run rF2 as standard as possible with only tweaking that is absolutely necessary to run the game.

    However, after noticing tension and headaches associated with Silverstone and also noticing how much better some tracks look, etc., I wondered if head motion plugin would help with aliasing issues if my head is not bouncing all over the please, etc.

    Viola! Aliasing issues are INCREDIBLY BETTER!

    And, not sure if related or not to absence of aliasing distractions/headaches/fatigue or just better camera, my times immediately dropped 0.5 to 0.75 seconds on Silverstone.

    This may be the most indispensible plug-in of all time.
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