RCL Tuesday Event | APRIL 13th 2021

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    GT3 Triple Trouble Sprints (TTS) 3x20 minutes sprint Event

    Round 8 Nurgburgring GP needed Mods:

    Every Tuesday
    7PM UTC/8PM CET Official Practice (40 min)
    7:40PM UTC/8:40PM CET Qualy (10 min)
    7:50PM UTC/8:50PM CET Warmup (5 min)
    ca. 8:00PM UTC/9:00PM CETRace 1 (20 min) (reversed grid for Top 8 for Race 2 and Race 3) after Race 1, Warmup (5min), Race 2 (20 minutes), Warmup (5min), Race 3 (20 minutes) END ca. 9:45PM UTC/10:45PM CET

    Servername: RCL GT3 TTS Leagueserver open 24/7 serverpassword for official sessions in Discord.more Infos and sign ups : https://discord.gg/TyqYbrx
    youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKhPNj92k3gz4DU_EjbAo8g


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