.rcd files and virtual drivers...sorta works, but not quite.

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    When I was initially building my Prototype Challenge series, I had the idea to include the Enduracers P3 Ligier. Long story short, I decided to abandon that idea and just built the series using the Norma. However, I forgot to delete the old Ligier virtual drivers and that was possibly, maybe even probably, the reason for all of my problems.

    When I created my three drivers last night, I noticed that the very first driver that I'd created was coming up with the wrong name. It was really confusing and then I realized that I knew that name. Aaron Povoledo. He is a Ligier driver and the first virtual driver listed in the old Ligier folder. I couldn't understand why his name was showing up?

    I then remembered I was told that you CANNOT have two virtual drivers with the same name, regardless if they are in different series/cars. Now, there wasn't a duplicate driver name, but there had been before, so I had to assume that this was a residual effect from the previous duplicated virtual drivers. I deleted the old driver files and rF2 recognized "Gary Great" as the proper driver name, but I was still forced to reinstall to cure the problem.

    Sidebar: The reason I decided to temporarily abandon the Ligier/Norma combined series was because the Enduracers P3 is far too fast and has an insane amount of grip. If AI for the Norma was set to 105, I'd have to dial down the Ligier to 95 to get them in line with the Norma.
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    I don't know if this will help, but in the 'old' days of rF1/GTR2, there were limits for most of the lines in the rcd file. Exceeding those limits, either too high or too low, invalidated the rcd and rF1 ignored it. See if one of the early ISI cars has any .rcd files with comments about what each line does, if so, it should give you a range of values you can input.
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    Two years later I know. But this little snippet saved me so much blood sweat and tears. I'd spent hours trying to sort out why I was having constant issues with my virtual drivers. Many thanks.


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