QUEST 2 users : give me your impression/advice please thx!

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    Hi guys.

    I am speaking to owners of Quest 2 specifically.

    Can you please tell me if :

    - Good compatibility with rF2.
    - Good quality of image felt (resolution and especially I was told that the video stream was compressed, is that true and especially visible ?).
    - Are there any major or significant flaws, especially in use with rF2 ?

    The very cool price with warranty, the resolution, the refresh rate and the experience that Oculus have (Rift S that I have had and the CV1) *SEEM impressive combined.

    I cannot normally put more than 350 or 400 euros, and if I can avoid the second-hand market with all the scammers....

    Thank you in advance for your answers.

    Ps :

    I am really attached to the image quality, even if I do not necessarily want (and can) the best, and the price is very important. [FOV is important to me, but it's not my first criterion at all].

    In fact, a resolution very close to the supersampling that I used on the Rift S (169%), which is the case with the Quest 2, and a slightly higher refresh rate (90 vs 80 FPS), with a fairly close FOV suits me *IN THEORY (*"ON PAPER"), but it's theoretical, that's why I need your advice.

    Thank you very much!
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    Hello pilAuto

    I'm going to talk to you from my experience, first with CV1 and since the Quest 2 came out with them, daily for everything and very frequently in Simracing with rFactor 2 in my community.

    For me, they are the most balanced visor in terms of what it offers you for the price it has. With a minimal investment in a halo strap, you already have everything you need to compete and since the last update that enabled the sharpening filter, it is even better.

    Is it the ideal option? I don't think so, for simracing use only, the HP Reverb G2 I think is still a better visor.

    I use Quest 2 with a GTX 1080 and Ryzen 7 3800X
    In NASCAR-type oval circuits I can run with details in high and more than 20 cars, in other tracks or cars (depending on how well optimized they are) I have to settle for details in the middle and in specific races with night or rain, I leave it low to ensure perfect fluidity. As you already know, rF2 with VR is quite complicated compared to other titles of similar quality.

    In short, the quality is already very good, but the important thing is that they improve it with new technology in each update.

    Regarding the video compression, it is noticeable when you go through Wifi at 200 Mbps variable, especially in the texture of the asphalt when you go fast, but if you connect them by cable and manually activate the 500 Mbps from the Oculus Debug Tool, the compression is invaluable.

    In my case, all week I connect via Wifi (Air link) for convenience, for Shooter-type games or similar and to practice in rF2, but on Wednesday night, race day in my community, I connect the cable and put the stable 500 Mbps to have the best quality.

    The stability of the wifi is not a problem as long as you configure it in variable bitrate, that has not been the problem of Air Link over Wifi, because I have never had a disconnection, I change to cable due to the quality of the bitrate that the cable gives me. allows to reach 500 fixed while Air Link stays at 200 variables.

    I usually work well with a SuperSampling of 1.4 (5152x2608) at 72 Hz (For the little that I notice the difference between 90 and 72 Hz, I prefer the extra quality and power of going with 72) but on race day or in competition, I prefer lower it to 1.2 SS (4192x2128) because it gives me more performance and it still looks great, especially since the last update with Sharpening.

    I don't know if I have answered your question, nor do I know if there is a correct answer. For me and from my experience, Quest 2 is not the "ideal viewer for simracing" but it "is a very valid viewer", more and more the truth every day, and that it is much more versatile if you want to use it for other things. Taking off the cable will set you free.

    Now, other simracers with different priorities or visors may have a different opinion, that depends on what they are looking for.

    To make your own decisions, if you want, on my YouTube channel I have many tests and comparisons made with Quest2 thinking about Simracing, PC configurations, Nvidia, the player.json, the Oculus Debug Tool, etc...

    Here is it:

    I hope I've helped you.
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    Ouha your answer is really very satisfactory from the details that you provided and your opinion seems very objective.

    You answer my questions well.

    Thank you very much.

    Nonetheless, I'm still looking for more feedback from Quest 2 users, so please don't hesitate !!

    Thanks again for this great review.

    Also, very interesting your opinion concerning the quality and the fluidity when comparing 72 hz and 90 hz, it is very useful.

    I am used to my 75hz monitor with vsync, maybe I could consider this option, which would allow me to have higher quality.

    Thank you !

    By the way my PC :

    2080 TI + i7 9700K@5Ghz + soon 32 Gb 4000 Mz DDR4 + SSD on Sata6.
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    I can't speak for me, but my two colleagues who started vr with me, the three of us started with the Oculus cv1, they went on to Quest 2, and one of them said that his neck hurt and his glasses were too heavy Front, because it had its own processor and graphics, it weighed more, as it was in the guarantee period of return after 12 days, it returned it and bought the Oculus Rift S and with them it stayed, after having tried both glasses, it said that for the sim racing The Rift S looks and performs better than the Quest 2, in other close-up games they look better but in the sim racing it looks bad from afar because it is due to usb and compressed video, the connection to the graph is not native, seems to be the reason ... I went to pimax and I could no longer compare

    good luck with the decision @pilAUTO ;)
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