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    Hi Studio 397,

    I thing in rFactor you have a lot people whith drive in tiny groups on private servers, most from a racing forum or website.
    New people like to drive with others and lern about simracing (rFactor 2) and have fun while driving some races with other drivers.
    You have a competition system now ... ok
    You have some servers online without a password .... ok
    The sessions on this server are 10 min. .... on NOS track ! Daytona too. No time to drive something warm here :)
    You need more racing people and for this some servers online without ? password for meet and racing with normal voting and practice sessions around 45 min, perhaps 30 min race ad 15 min qualify in my opinion.
    I like for example the usf 2000 server for some driving and training some tracks

    A score system (ranking) on a website for the servers where the drivers can see their times and compare to the others their laptimes.

    whats your plan here or what you think about ?

    greets from germany

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