Project CARS 2 Review

Discussion in 'Other Games' started by BlazingGlory53, Sep 20, 2017.

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    Aug 17, 2016
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    I was forced to buy PC2 by reddit r/simracing because they were claiming that it is not a simcade, and that judging by demo was wrong.

    So I bought it, and spent few hours today, fun and kool, and it is not a simulator quite obviously. It has awesome details here and there. Imagine all that content in rF2... and puddles :D

    Even with helps turned off, there is obvious opposite lock help and stability control, and with some cars it is really annoying as it keeps the car on the "spring". Actually that spring makes driving more challenging with some cars, though it prevents from having big time mistakes, it makes you work a lot to maintain precision. I really liked BMW 2002 it is smooth and feels more like it is on tires, but it also has that "spring". The physics are mediocore, but I think it is kool as simcade. It will be interesting to try more cars and tracks there sometime, but I consider it my time outside simracing.
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    Oct 15, 2015
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    i play this game for the immersion only and switch back to rf2 after a few minutes
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    Dec 27, 2017
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    I also have a bodnar ss2 and pcars 2 is not good. Sure some of the gt cars have passable ffb but acts strange when on the limit. You can tell how good a game is by driving the slower street cars. They are terrible in pcars 2. Was driving a bmw m3 and theres this weird delays between gear changes and the ffb is just terrible. Deleted now as im fed up with the game. Ac is just as bad.
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    I do not have PC2 nor will I have it, but this video is awesome
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    Fired up project cars 2 after a long time, never really played it much. tell you what, its not a bad sim.
    live track works fantastic with puddles,dirt and general changeable conditions. track temp etc. something i would like RF2 to implement in future
    AI aren't so great though, tend to do alot of stupid mistakes.

    However on the physics and FFB note, there is nothing wrong with it. Loaded up jack spades FFB tweaks, disable all aids except whats used in GT3, as for road cars manually turning off stability control and loading OEM setup seems to give a decent representation of a road car.
    once you actually setup the car and tune it correctly it behaves very respectable imo. now this is based off touring and road cars, i have not messed around with formula cars as i don't expect much from these nor historic content.

    Ive driven just about every sim for the last 20years and they all have there drawbacks. its a shame this game cops alot of hate,due to its bugs. it has some damn good elements that RF2 AC and many games don't have and it does them very well imo. I look forward to more game devs offering a complete package in future and not half baked features we get from most sims these days. pcars offers quiet a lot and looks like ACC will to , so i hope this is the trend going forward.

    EDIT: heres a nice video about live track. great tech imo

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    I hope Asus will run ROG championship in PCars 2 this year again. In 2018 it was fun to watch.
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    Currently free on Xbox with gold....

    Got it for future use, not installed it yet.

    I assume all the above criticism and praise is for the pc version?

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