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Discussion in 'Online Racing Discussion' started by David Turnbull, Nov 19, 2015.

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    Over at PrestoGP we are looking for drivers to participate in our league, as with any league as time goes on drivers drop out and find new intrests and we are having this problem at the moment, although plenty of sign ups the usual problems with motivation and real life get in the way.

    We have a core group of around 15 members who love racing with each other, we dont take things too seriously but we enjoy hard and fair competition, if your looking for somewhere to race that has friendly drivers only too happy to help if asked then Presto is the place for you. We us ASR F1 Mod and all downloads will be provided including tracks, mod, rfmods and even setups :)

    Our forum Click

    Come to our forum and have a look at our guidlines and other threads and hopfully you will see we are an open and friendly bunch.

    Our Website Click

    We are a free league, no website or race subscriptions :cool:

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    I just want to vouch for the Presto League.
    Very high standard at the front but very friendly and welcoming.
    Shared set ups if you want them.

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