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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by mclaren777, Jan 10, 2012.

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    Feb 7, 2012
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    I have tryed all these years to enjoy iRacing since it on paper sounds like the perfect idea, but its impossible for me. The driving experience is so dull, lifeless and synthetic(?) in iRacing whatever car i buy.. :confused:

    I really liked the driving experience in nKPro and the realism approach in it, to bad so much else lacked in that sim. :rolleyes:

    But now finally there is a racing sim again (since rF1) that feels right, is alive and fun to drive! All the opposite of iRacing, and its only a beta yet! :D :D :D
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    Jan 30, 2012
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    I'm happy,simple.:D
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    Mar 23, 2012
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    OH MAN!! I'm Loving this beta! For quite a while I've been searching for a good feeling PC sim. Race 07 series games were ok, but lacked something lively to me. I tried RF1 so many times, but I couldn't like it. Something about it felt disconnected to me. iRacing, nope. But this feels spot on!

    There are some FFB issues, which many have stated that need some tweaking, but overall this feels beautiful!
    the speed immersion is scary, for the first time I can say that. I'm afraid of 140 mph in this game. but I love it.
    Regardless, I FEEL the road underneath, and my Driving Force GT, though clutchless, feels....well...relieving. Driving releases that steam...during understeer, is the only thing I feel is....i wouldn't say bad, or inaccurate, but a little unnoticable. I don't see a problem here, considering I don't know really any game that simulates this well anways, and still, this is better than many others already!

    have only tried the Megane. It feels very alive and communicative. Sound is, sound. Sound. neither positive nor negative.
    They are tail happy, but it feels predictable and instinctual.

    Now to say something about graphics. I have no reason to really downsize what they did here. I don't think these textures and some of these models are nessecarily "completed' be optimistic...what we should expect. I see a graphics engine in it's baby form, and besides, so far they are really showcasing night, weather, and interesting lighting. Again I say, the speed immersion, graphically also, is like a hog tied to a rocket filled with nos, attached to a second nos can. It's brilliant!
    Car models, while lacking in....idk....stuff? they aren't bad, and still looks like only a BLUEPRINT of what's to come.
    In many cases, wizzing past some of the trees, rails, and other things, it all seems to looks pretty nice as a whole.
    Coming from the Race 07 series (at least for PC) this is definitely better looking.

    Night time. Oh....this....this scary spooky dark time. ISI really hit this hard, and did it right. My first time on Portugal, i decided it was a good idea to go night mode. i went speeding up to 95 mph out of the pit (after the light) and found myself into a wall I forgot was going to be there. THIS IS NIGHT! Well done!

    There is only one thing I regret about buying rFactor2, and that is....

    I didn't buy the lifetime subscription!!

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