Player.json file corrupted after every exit of program

Discussion in 'Technical & Support' started by skell15, Sep 9, 2019.

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    I've installed RF2 onto an acquaintances computer and while I have no issues the first time the program is used, I can't get past the loading screen when trying to load a car & track after I have started the program for a second time. After a lot of searching on this forum and other places, I think the player.json file is getting corrupted when the program closes. If I delete the player.json folder I can launch and drive with no problems but when I close the program, reopen it and load the same track/car combo again it crashes to the desktop at the very end of the loading sequence, right before it should load the monitor screen.

    Do any of you have any ideas of why the player.json file would get corrupted after one launch of a fresh install with NO additional content or plugins? For what it's worth, I copied the player.json file from my PC (which can launch the exact same car/track combo I'm trying to load on the system with the problem) but it still crashes to the desktop in the same manner.

    I emailed the support team at Studio 397 almost a week ago and have not gotten any response so I'm turning to the forum in the hopes of some ideas.
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