Pitting on a Formation Lap

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by L0P3X, Aug 17, 2021.

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    Last saturday we had suffered an issue during a league race, on the formation lap, a driver blew his engine before the last corner, instead of doing ESC+Drive to start from the pits, he kept it rolling and entered the pits manually, he parked the car on his pit slot, but suddenly his car teleported back to the grid, so people had to avoid him (because of the blown engine)

    I was able to reproduce this bug with both Modded track/cars and Official Tracks/Cars combos


    Also, although it might not be 100% linked to this bug, you can't actually do a pit stop during the formation lap (might be useful on changing weather scenarios), any planned update regarding this?
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    In our league we suffered exactly the same bug. I think it was possible to pit at the end of formation lap before. Has there been any change on this? What's going on?
    It would be nice to fix it.

    Thanks for answering.
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    The vehicles that leave the pit should not make a formation lap, because the rfactor places them on the grid, that has worked like this for a long time, they must go out on the track when the grid drivers are finishing the formation lap, and go to the traffic light from the pit
    saludos javi:);)
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