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Discussion in 'Technical & Support' started by Simonk, Mar 4, 2021.

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    I run a dedicated server and RF2 on the same PC and host a weekly race night with 5 friends. Been doing it for 12 months and Never had an issue until last night where my ping to the server was spiking randomly. All five of us would be sitting around 35ms then we would all jump up to +200ms causing cars to go everywhere for me but not the others. It improved when one left the server but was still doing it. When it was just me it was fine with no issue. I’m a bit bewildered that I would have any latency issue given it’s all on the same machine for me. Others didn’t experience floating cars as bad but when it was really bad at my end it would cause issues for everyone. My CPU was running at about 50% and I couldn’t see any processes running in the background causing a spike in use. I don’t know if these could be the cause but we were using a new mod, RF2 had a build update since last time. My internet connection has dropped out a few times this week so maybe there’s an issue there but multiple Ookla speed tests show the connection appears to be ok. Anyone else ever experienced this?

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