P1PCC Flat 6 Cup

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    Starting fee:

    Starting fee for P1-Gaming e.V. members:
    Starting fee for non P1-Gaming e.V. members, one season = 15 ,- Euro
    Starting fee for non P1-Gaming e.V. members, both seasons = 20 ,- Euro

    You can become a P1-Gaming e.V. member for 50€ per year and field a team as well as enjoy all other P1-Gaming e.V. leauges.

    Download the application form to become a member: Application Form
    Download the Series Application P1PCC Series: Application Form

    Awards for the Drivers Championship:

    Markus Broch
    Simon Christmann
    Frederic Schornstein
    Ricardo Edelmann

    Used Mod:
    rFactor 2 with Flat6 Cup

    Max 40 Drivers
    Qualifying 15 minutes
    Race ca.20 minutes
    Main Race ca. 45 minutes
    Formation lap
    Real weather plugin

    Deadline for skin submission: 20.01.2016

    You are only allowed to install a new build after it has been approved by the Orga.

    Important Links:
    League classification

    Points granted per race:
    1st place 20 points
    2nd place 18 points
    3rd place 16 points
    4th place 14 points
    5th place 12 points
    6th place 10 points
    7th place 9 points
    8th place 8 points
    9th place 7 points
    10th place 6 points
    11th place 5 points
    12th place 4 points
    13th place 3 points
    14th place 2 points
    15th place 1 points

    There will be additional points awarded for:
    Fastest in Qualifying to the first race: 1 extra point
    Fastest lap time in the first race: 1 extra point
    Fastest lap time in the second race: 1 extra point

    Season 1 schedule:
    26.01. Sebring
    23.02. Silverstone
    08.03. Circuit of the Americas
    22.03. Suzuka
    05.04. Road America
    19.04. Spa-Francorchamps
    03.05. Sepang
    17.05. RedBull Ring
    31.05. Hockenheim

    Season 2 schedule:
    16.08. tba
    30.08. tba
    13.09. tba
    27.09. tba
    11.10. tba
    25.10. tba
    08.11. tba
    22.11. tba
    06.12. tba
    20.12. tba

    Server Settings:
    - Damage multiplication (60%)
    - Automatic clutch (if needed)
    - Automatic gearbox (if needed)
    - Traction control low (if needed)
    - ABS low (if needed)
    - Technical defects enabled (time-controlled)

    Race weekend schedule and timings:

    2 week interval, Race day always on Tuesday

    19:00 CET - 19:45 CET: Server-join
    19:45 CET - 20:00 CET: Briefing
    20:00 CET - 20:15 CET: Qualifying
    20:25 CET - 20:45 CET: Race
    20:55 CET - 21:40 CET Main Race
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    First race went well on Tuesday with 18 cars on the grid and not everyone was available. If you still want to join checkout p1-simracing.net
    We have 9 more rounds (18 races) coming plus another 10 rounds next season. So jump onboard and have fun :)

    Livestream last round was unfortunately in German, but will be in English for the next round.
    Some great battles (not all seen on the stream) in both races. Next up will be Bathurst!

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