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Discussion in 'Technical & Support' started by Tyke, Jul 28, 2020.

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    Mar 22, 2020
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    The new ui , when we choose which server we want to race , we can see if theres ai´s on it , we can choose ai ´s on or off to select a server .
    How we can do that with the old ui ?
    if its not possible now , Request done .

    Request :
    Other thing ,old ui and new ui , it would be useful if we could see which cars and tracks we need to race in a server , before it starts downloading all that we need .
    The same thing for servers that downloads are not available .
    Its possible see that if we use the modmanager , but it would be better if it was on the servers list with just one click .
    ***i think with the new ui we cant stop the download , to stop it we need to delete rf2 exe from w10 task manager.

    Request :
    Seeing replays on the new ui , we dont have the speed of the car , rpm , gear , etc....
    alot of things are not there , that are there if we use the old ui

    on the new ui , the car setup screens look good , but on some screens we need to scroll down\up to see all options , i think its easier use the old ui car setup screens .

    At the moment i prefer the old ui , the new ui graphics look better but with the old ui its faster to me to change things .
    anyway , if changes are done , i think the new ui can be as good as the old ui , or better..
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    Oct 4, 2010
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    The new UI is meant to REPLACE the old UI.
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    They will NOT be spending any time reworking the old UI, since it will eventually be phased out. The new UI will be considered a 'work in progress' long after it has become the defacto interface. There are many items in the old ui that have not yet been incorporated into the new version. We users hope those and more will make it eventually into the interface.

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