Online Race Vs AI Race Performance question

Discussion in 'Technical & Support' started by Christian Malghera, Sep 28, 2019.

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    Hi everyone
    I want to ask one question: are online races better than AI races in single player (same amount of cars) in terms of fps?
    I have a GTX 1050 (slightly OC) with 2gb (I'm very limited in this) and I'm struggling a lot with performance with the rain during races with AI cars (35 fps Vs 80 when I'm alone). I'm using the low end GPU settings (no PP, no Shadows Blur and lv2 of AA) but I can't get more than 45 fps even with everything set at minimum.

    So, as I'm focused only in league racing, do I have a change to get better fps online with the rain?

    BTW without rain I can go well over 80 fps with the GT3 pack on Silverstone and Sebring (official content) with the same race settings.
    Also all the tests were done with the cars from the gt3 challengers pack and Silverstone/Sebring from studio 397.
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    Generally, no. CPU use can be lower because your machine isn't calculating AI, but unless that's impacting your fps (perhaps more likely if using VR) it won't affect things.

    Rain etc is simply more taxing, and may be helping to exceed your vram which will produce dramatic fps drops.
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    Since your graphics card has a relatively small amount of memory, much depends on the graphics settings. Especially the rain effects cause FPS drops. Therefore definitely the rain effects to the lowest setting, or completely off.
    I myself have an Intel Onboard graphics card and GTX960M with 4GB on my laptop. What helped me stabilize the FPS were two settings in the game. Under the graphics options the VSync on monitor and FXAA turn on.

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