Odd Car Upload - Renault RS01

Discussion in 'Technical & Support' started by John R Denman, Jul 28, 2020.

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    Starting rFactor I noticed a car I've never subscribed to uploading - Renault RS01.
    After that rFactor threw 61 new "can't find" messages, mostly textures.
    Once I got past all the warnings it opened rFactor in a tiny window.
    Tried exiting, to no avail.
    Opened Task Manager rFactor went to full screen.
    Put the FISI on track for an AI lap and exited.
    Exited, and once again went through 61 warning message screens, of course Rfactor wanted to return for a rebound session, so 132 Warning acknowledgements later was able to exit out.

    Looked in my Content window and saw the Renault RS01. Can't uninstall or delete from that window.

    Opened the Packages folder, its not there.

    Opened the Vehicles folder and deleted.

    rFactor2 works fine.

    Not sure where the Renault RS01 came from I'm suspicious its not even an rFactor mod, and I don't have any other games on Steam.

    Just one of those anomolies that makes it worth watching the load screen when opening rFactor2.
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    There was a private mod but hasn't been around for ages now. Also nothing in workshop which makes the d/l very suspicious.

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