Novice racers interested in a series for rookies?

Discussion in 'Online Racing Discussion' started by Riverside, Sep 2, 2016.

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    A couple of months ago I posted here inviting offline racers and novice drivers to explore joining a Rookie League online; about 20 people answered the call.

    We raced a first season of a lot of fun with 14-20 drivers at the starting grid each Sunday and battles for position everywhere on the track, not only up front with the fast ones.

    We also shared lots of tips from racers about driving, tyre and fuel consumption, etc.; it’s been really cool…

    As we get ready for season 2 we are going to be “Graduating” the fasted drivers of the season to a new Division 1, and those of us not as fast will stay on Division 2; we will keep sharing cars, tracks and schedule, so we continue to race together.

    If you are an offline driver or a novice driver, with less than one year racing online, we invite you to join The Rookie League Division 2 and start racing, sharing and learning with us.

    If you think you are fast and would like to challenge our alumni, consider joining our Division 1

    Season 2 starts on September 18th; join by replying to this post or go directly to and register for The Rookie League: Leon Cup.

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    Practice race tomorrow, Seat Leon @ Matsusaka - East, Sun. 4 Sept. @ 19:00 UTC / 20:00 London / 21:00 CEST / 15:00 EDT / 12:00 PDT
    > Pract: 30min
    > Qual : 10 min
    > Race : 30 laps (around 25min.) -> Formation Lap + Standing Start

    Div.1 Server : "SimRacing-GP.net_TRL-1" (Experienced)
    Div.2 Server : "SimRacing-GP.net_TRL-2" (Novices)

    Since this is also a loadtest for the server, there will be AIs !

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