Notchy FFB Since Latest RF2 Update

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    Sorry for the delay, a lot of things have got in my way in the last few weeks - I haven't even booted my machine for a few weeks.

    Thanks for the interesting information.

    I'm running:
    AMD 5600X processor (stock with Arctic Esports 34 Duo cooler)
    FE 3060TI
    16GB RAM @3600
    3x 22" 60hz 1080p monitors

    I did lower the graphics by setting everything to low or off (did this a few weeks ago) and ran the USF2000 at the Goodwood revival track (literally no scenery) but the result was the same.

    Think I was monitoring the FPS and getting 150-200 from memory. I know I've monitored the FPS several times when experiencing this FFB behaviour and it's always been around or over 100FPS with all cars/tracks that I've tested with.

    That was only a quick test (with graphics set to low) but I'll try to get back on in the next few days and take a close look at what's running in the background.

    I also tried the FFB reset that you mentioned but it didn't change the behaviour. Thanks for the suggestion anyway.
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