Nissan GTR/370z, Chevy Camaro/Corvette C6.R Updated! (1.47/1.49)

Discussion in 'News & Notifications' started by 88mphTim, Aug 16, 2014.

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    Thought I have reported this before but maybe this was with the old version already. Anyhow yesterday I had a close look at the 370z again and found the same little defects/mistakes:
    • left front light has a missing "frame" (you can look right through/into the car at this place)
    • rear window glass has non-folded vertices in the center of the object so this generates a hard reflective line
    • car in the spinner has misplaced wheels (this really is just a detail)
    • lower LODs of the body have a "destroyed" mapping on the sides below the horizontal middle line of the doors
    • rollcage is clipping through the seat

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