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    I know the community is asking a lot, but a small 'correction: Big' tweak at WCCARBODY at night might give the cars a bit more specular and realism, or just a plane above the track that loads only with a vision group code at night?

    Most content looks as if it's a matte fluo car while the specular and metallic is all gone. Might be the night sky that needs an update, donno how it's done in game but if it's done like the showroom I think the same logic is used as I put below.

    If it works like the showroom light, we just need to place fake stars (big plane above the track with High Luminance Sun shader and a black texture with a few stars). One of my showrooms I added a skyline of a city with night lights and the car reflections looked as if the car was in that city. It had the same bug, so I'm almost sure the WCCARBODY is perfect as it is but we have forgotten the night light system (3D)

    If it's the carcube map, we can add a second one for night light maybe? It's as if the moon is gone now. Think a small tweak here would lift the night races to a level the game really deserves. Not wanting it fast, but if this gets on the list for a future upgrade, I'm more then happy. ;)

    Thanks, compared to 5 years ago the day and rain fx looks way better.

    Real Life

    Tonight I do some experiments in game above my track and drop it below if it works.
    But I'm sure it will, the lights in the pits work just the same:[​IMG]
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