New UI - Crash to desktop when starting race with no track selected

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by PhilT, Jan 5, 2021.

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    As I was eager to try out rFactor 2 I let a few cars and tracks download before pressing the "Skip" button on the Downloading updates dialog, assuming I could just choose those tracks and cars and be racing in no time.

    However, once I found out I needed to set opponents to 0 (see other bug report) I hit "Race" and ended back at the Windows desktop.

    When I went back in I noticed that no tracks had be installed yet and no track was selected for the Race.

    I think this really comes from the fact that Steam let me start rFactor 2 without having finished the Steam Workshop downloads. Once I exited again I noticed that Steam was downloading more Steam Workshop content and rFactor 2 said "Validating" and there was no "PLAY" button so I couldn't start the game.

    I've now downloaded the content and played a game so it's all good. However, as a first time user it'd be great to be able to jump into the game with minimal content and have a go (or perhaps not allow the game to start until the initial content has downloaded and installed). I think this is especially important for users on slow Internet connections (such as myself).

    Initial impressions are important.

    Shout if you need any further info.


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