New to rFactor - where is content?

Discussion in 'Technical & Support' started by Skullzer, May 13, 2022.

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    Hi all. So I recently purchased rFactor2 from Steam. I downloaded the sim, started the program, went through the wizard. It asked what content I wanted to download and I selected the first option which said all Studio-397 free content... I go to the solo race and I don't see any tracks. I don't see any cars to choose from...does the base game come with free content? really wanted to try out before I buy all the DLC I was interested in. The menus are not very intuitive. Pretty bad experience from a first time user here.
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    The base install doesn't come with any content, you select your option in that wizard and then steam has to download the selected content, then the game can install it. I've got a feeling you need to exit the game for at least part of that to happen.

    Pretty counter-intuitive, yes. Probably be better to have a small selection of "always there" content, then some ways to subscribe to other groups/'packs' later. With an attempt at a free space check to avoid the "it's not installing... oh, I don't have any space" reports.

    But here we are.
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