New to RFactor 2? Invitation from The Rookie League

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    If you started using rf2 just recently, or if you prefer to only race offline because online is either messy or too demanding, I invite you to read this post.

    Six months ago, and with the support of SimracingGP.Net, we decided to create a small league for people with no experience or little time to practice racing every week; we choose rather easy to drive cars, and tracks that are not too hard either; The Rookie League is place to learn about racing by sharing and competing with fellow drivers without too many rules or commitments; we race on Sunday evenings, Europe time, but have racers from most continents.

    Heading into our fourth season, and with more than 30 drivers who have joined and grids of about 20 per race, we now have a few fast guys who help by sharing their expertise in driving and setups for those who would like to learn.

    If you would like to learn more or join us, just go to and look for TRL, The Rookie League;

    See you at the track!!
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