Need help, Low FPS with 80% third party tracks

Discussion in 'Locations' started by Findla22, Jul 4, 2017.

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    I am having big problems. 80% of third party mods are giving me low fps.

    For example Bahrain. I need a Bahrain track for a league and I just could find 3 versions: CTDP Converted by someone, Formula SimRacing and CTDP with working night.

    All of them are having 40 fps at the start with 24 cars. I tried lowering the graphics and I just can gain 10-15 fps. It isn't a mod problem because I tried with all original ISI and S397 cars and I am still having the same FPS.

    It is impossible to drive, I don't know what to do because I don't have any other Bahrain track after searching in the internet during 3 long hours....

    I am desperated

    My PC specs:

    - 16 GB Ram
    - Windows 10 x64
    - Intel i7-2600k 3.4 ghz
    - Nvidia GTX 780 Ti

    PD: Want to move the thread to Technical Support. Delete it
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    Are you using dx11 or dx9 version.. If its 11, turn off the post processing effects in the launcher before running.
    Turn reflections to low or off and shadows to low, with aa at x2 or so..Also what resolution are you using 1920x1080 ?

    On my old 760, i was able to get 70-80fps in dx9 version on most tracks.. however i suspect using 11 that would drop to 50-60 at best.

    Have you also tried online.. in offline mode, i find around 10% drop, as the PC has to control the AI.

    I would suggest using dx9 if your not, if you are however, the card should be able to run most tracks ok, (unless your CPU/GPU) is throttling back due to heat

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